Founded in 2003, Publicplan is an architecture studio that concentrates all its efforts on designing living spaces and on improving public space.

We understand our architect´s profession as an integral way of thinking and working. We only can design a good house, if we know properly the possible building methods, the choice of considerable materials en their characteristics. And if we know how deal with resources such as money and time as well.

We question, we think laterally, if necessary, and we always try to achieve a high level of craftsmanship in the realisation. Not every wheel has to be reinvented. Crafts tradition is highly valuated by us and always considered while searching for improvement and optimisation. Only somebody who knows his craft and who is able to appreciate and to use the craftsmanship and knowledge of others, is able to design and build in a sustainable way.

Buildings and houses accompany us for a long time. Although architecture partially reflects also themes and tendencies in our society, buildings for us should never be too trend sensitive or fashion objects. Aside from the ecological sustainability, for us there is also something as a spacially sustainable design. We prefer that our designs still can serve and withstand, also after years and decades, as well spacially as from the level of building quality.

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