[may 2011] Opening of the first Kind Horen shop, in the Netherlands in the city of Breda .

Eliasstraat, Amsterdam

[march 2010] Completion of the works on Eliasstraat house, Amsterdam (NL) .

Eliasstraat, AmsterdamEliasstraat, Amsterdam

[nov. 2009] Start renovation and refurbishment of a freestanding house of the late 1950´s originally designed by Dutch architects Bijvoet (o.m. Zonnestraal, Hilversum), Göbel and van den Hertog and in Amsterdam West (NL).

[jan. 2009] Publicplan has been approached for the design of a detached house in Amsterdam IJburg (NL).

[apr. 2006] Completion of Fischerkamp house in Braunschweig (DE).

Fischerkamp, BraunschweigFischerkamp, Braunschweig

[jan. 2006] In the Belgium DAMN° Design, Architecture & Art Magazine (february/ march 2006) an article over K67 The Kiosk Shots has been published, under the title "Booth Bloc - The life and times of the ubiquitous K67 kiosk".

DAM Magazine, K67 Kiosk ShotsDAM Magazine, K67 Kiosk Shots

[aug. 2005] Start refurbishment and extension of a semi-detached house in Braunschweig (DE).

Fischerkamp, BraunschweigFischerkamp, Braunschweig

[june 2005] Publicplan has been invited to participate in a closed design competition for a bridge building on an old railway bridge at the Westerdokseiland Amsterdam (NL). Before the invitation Publicplan has already presented an urban feasibility study for the bridge.

[01.11.2004] Helge Kühnel is giving a lecture within the series of the "Polish Weeks" at the architecture faculty of the Technical University of Berlin (DE), department of professor Wouter Van Stiphout, talking about the spread of the K67 kiosk in Eastern Europe.

[23.10.2004] The Netherlands Architecture Institute NAI in Rotterdam (NL) is presenting the research project K67 - The Kiosk Shots as a part of of the exhibition "Collage Europa". During the exhibition a K67 kiosk , especially brought from Slovenia, can be experienced 1:1 by the visitors. Sasa Mächtig, the designer of K67, gave a lecture on his design during the opening ceremony. The exhibition is open to the public till the 2nd of January 2005.

Netherlands Architecture Institute NAI, Collage Europa, K67 Kiosk ShotsNetherlands Architecture Institute NAI, Collage Europa, K67 Kiosk ShotsNetherlands Architecture Institute NAI, Collage Europa, K67 Kiosk Shots

[30.05.2004] On the 11th biennial of visual arts in Pancevo (YUG) Helge Kühnel and Magnus Bärtas discuss the role of the K67 kiosk within Eastern Europe.

[15.03.2004] Start of 66 East - Centre for Urban Culture in Amsterdam (NL). 66 East is a non-profit organisation and exhibition space dedicated to the promotion of innovative interdisciplinary projects, studies and positions relating to the city. 66 East is primarily interested in exposing and highlighting the implicit aspects of the urban environment. This includes the interest in the experience of everyday life as well as the presence of urban sub-cultures and alternative urban visions. Helge Kühnel is, together with Tahl Kaminer, Marc Schoonderbeek and Zoe Gorni, one of the founding members.

[03.03.2003] Publicplan´s design proposal for the Buddenturm in Münster (DE) has being discussed widely in the local media (Tageblatt Steinfurt 01.03.03 (Buddenturm), "Transparente Hülle für den Buddenturm" Westfälische Nachrichten 27.02.03, "Buddenturm wird zur begehbaren Vitrine" Münstersche Zeitung 26.02.03)