We consider designing living spaces and residential environments as a primary and one of the most noble tasks of our architect´s profession. The apartment and the house as one of the basic needs of human beings deserves our unanimous attention.

As architects we translate living demands and desires - such as safety, light and views, but also a good relation with the neighbourhood - into space, houses and buildings, that ideally unite all these attributes. We design houses, in which we can find rest and contemplation, that enable us to live together with our family and partner harmoniously, that inspire us and that provide space for the most different moods and activities.

A house is only as good as it can relate to its surrounding environment (again views, day light, relation to the garden and the neighbours). A design is only as good as its later completion. To be able to ensure the sum of all these qualities for a certain price, we accompany and advise our clients throughout the entire design and building procedure (see also -> services).