Why us?

What makes us (eventually) different from other architects? Through working for different architects firms and on various projects, also abroad, we had the chance to gather a broad professional experience.

We are convinced that a good design depends on a thorough execution of the plans if you want to realise a good house or building. Also for us thinking properly about every detail as well as materialisation is an indispensable part of our work. A good architect should have an extensive knowledge of materials, building products and solutions.

For us the entire design and building procedure is one integral process. We see our profession as a craftsmanship in the tradition of a “master builder” (Baumeister) who knows all aspects of his profession as well as other experts in building and their way of working.

In a certain sense we bring together in our work our German roots regarding quality and thorough detailing, and combine them with Dutch creativity and pragmatism. A combination that keeps us alert and curious and that gives us a lot of satisfaction in our work.