Building costs + architect´s fees

The money you spend on a good architect is always well spent money that will pay back during the design and building process:

1. We do the work for you:

By letting us taking into account your interests and goals, you can concentrate only on the important design decisions. For the rest we do the work for you, representing your choices and preferences in front of the other parties involved in the process, such as structural engineer and contractor. You are saving a lot of time and perhaps stress you might find yourself confronted with without commissioning an architect.

2. Cost control:

We will frequently relate the design with the resulting costs and communicate this towards you in a clear and understandable manor. If necessary we will adjust or review design decisions in close consultation with you.

3. Clear communication of choices:

By defining and documenting the design and the preferred qualities both, in drawings and in the tender text, we always have a solid basis for a reliable cost calculation. Also later, clear decisions and a good documentation will prevent us from unnecessary discussion and back duty e.g. from the contractor.

4. Competition for the best price and quality:

We will ask several contractors, that we know from previous projects or that come with a recommendation, to bring out a price offer. By this procedure you will always have the choice of the best price - quality relation. We will compare the different offers applying the same transparent criteria on them. By a proper tender procedure, in our opinion, you might earn back a least part of the architect´s fees.

5. Cost control during and after construction:

During the construction phase we will check possible alternatives. On the other hand we only will commission extra work to the contractor after discussing this issue properly with you. If we are talking about alternative methods of construction or materials we will only agree on them after the contractor has presented an updated price offer. By this way of working we keep permanent control on the costs.

6. Final check of all bills:

After the completion of the works we will check, which works exactly have been carried out and which not or in a modified way. Extra or less work, both will be documented by us in a protocol. The final bills will be checked according to this protocol.

7. Fee per phase:

Our fee is depending on the type of project en the tasks we carry out for you. You will receive a detailed fee offer per phase, based on the already available information regarding the programme. Although we would always advice you to accompany you through the entire design and building process, you could also decide, to only commission us for some selected -> phases.

8. “Architect´s house ” versus “Catalogue house”

And a last word about “catalogue houses”: Your own private house is never “standard”, just as we are never exactly the same persons as other fellow humans, due to our complex and unique personal history. This should not exclude the possibility of applying standard solutions, of course, as they are proven and eventually cost saving. Even if there are pre-designed and prefab houses, that might suite most of our demands, to customize and to add according to our very personal needs, a prefab-house-seller “standard” always will charge you extra for this, and still it will never deliver the same result a custom made architect´s design can offer.

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