What does an architect do?

Building, buying and decorating a house is an important decision and experience in someone’s life. Its significance to us parallels that of health, social contacts, or financial security.

An architect knows how to translate the client’s wishes to a spatial design that suits you and which also uses the qualities of the actual spot. The professional knowledge an architect gained during several years in university and during several years of practising in different architecture studios.

A good architect represents his client and ensures, with all his knowledge, that the client´s personal interests and goals are guaranteed during the whole design and construction process. With this he takes the weight off your shoulders. An independent architect is, one could say, the ‘advocate and representative’ of his client.

We accompany and support you as our client from the first idea to the realisation. In this, we consciously opt for a rather “German” approach, that can be considered different from what is common for example in the Netherlands. We do not only design your house, but we are also present at the construction site, monitoring the execution on site. We ensure clear agreements with the executing parties and not just leave it to the contractor and the executing parties how your home will look like. By doing so, we can guarantee your design choices will be reflected also in the final result – your house.

We, as architects, are controlling and monitoring the process on behalf of you, and we take care of the communication and adaptation with all parties involved (municipality, constructor, contractors). We calculate and monitor the costs for you (starting from a first estimate to the final billing).

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