Most people do not live out on their own, but they live in cities and villages, they have neighbours and they share the habitat with many others. The urban life, where society manifests itself, where culture arises and where production and trade unfold, does fascinate us in our work. Therefore the design and improvement of public space represents, next to the creation of living and residential space, our second work field and professional focus.

A house is the formal expression of an individual or a group. In public space these multiple expressions come together. The public space is the stage where the architecture and façades interact and, even more important, where the citizens and the passer-by´s communicate, and by doing so, help to define the quality of our society and co-existence.

Because the urban space is determined for a mayor part by the expression and dimensions of the surrounding buildings, we see it as our task, to give the square, the street and the park their own language and voice, for example by applying certain materials, gardening, light and shadow, functions and zoning.

We are specifically interested in the implicit aspects, the subtle qualities and the small phenomena, that are able to create another type of awareness. In addition to the practical and the pragmatic, we would like to add a poetical dimension to public space. For us it is all about the dignity and the self-assertion of public space, evoking in the passer-by a sublime sensation, an inspiration and a new appreciation towards our squares, streets, parks and backyards.