Quality survey

We are analysing urban conditions and public space from a spacial and user point of view. This includes a closer look to our built environment and the various aspects that influence the daily use and the sensual perception of space. We search for the obvious and the implicit qualities of the space. Beyond proper architectural and spacial analysis, interviewing users and tenants can add an extra layer in order to understand mechanisms and their effects.


We develop strategies and invent design measures trying to improve the existing situation substantially. The found qualities form the basis for the improvement approach. The measures could consist of adding an extra function or layer which gives an extra value to the space. To give an example, we design objects and structures which offer new possibilities and which make the use of the space more pleasant and gives the user the opportunity to discover.

Sometimes also a design improvement can be an adequate solution. This includes the adjustment of design mistakes from the past. Or to carry on and to update a conceptually solid approach, which has been completed in a poor way, with the means and possibilities of today.

To involve the users in the decision making or even during the execution of the improvement measures will lead to a better acceptance and a careful treatment of the space. By a thorough analysis, by defining the existing and potential qualities, the proposed measures can be often realised within a considerable time frame and budget.